An actual program

As usual, not one of the proposals, Democratic or Republican, regarding federal revenues and spending does anything, whatsoever, to pay down the debt. All claims of “savings” relate to claimed lesser amounts of increased spending and are, quite simply, bogus.
Therefore, I modestly propose the following:
1) All moneys targeted to foreign governments are immediately stopped until we pay off our federal debt. Payment of dues to the United Nations will cease immediately. Foreign governments who choose to continue to participate in United Nations activity will be charged appropriate rent for the facility located in New York.
2) All moneys in support of federal operations, including salaries for everyone on the payrolls of the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative Branches, will cease until such time as they provide the following:
a) A budget that pays down a minimum of 20% of the outstanding federal debt and is balanced according to revenue versus expenses. Any error regarding the amount of revenue received versus that projected will be paid, personally, by the employees of the Congressional Budget Office who will compile the budget. Said employees will be held in jail until the amount is received. Once the outstanding balance falls below $2T, the total amount of the outstanding debt will have to be paid down by the next budget.
b) Until such time as 2) a), above, is achieved, all members of Congress are to be held in federal prison.
3) Any federal agency or department making payments exceeding the funds provided by the budget arrived at in 2) a), above, will have all employees of that agency jailed until such time as their family and friends can personally make up the excessive amount.


A simple enough question

Given the number of Mexicans and Border Patrol Agents killed, the number of diplomats and their protectors killed, and the CIA Chief being investigated without anyone in authority in the administration knowing anything about anything whatsoever, I have a simply question.

Who did you think you were voting for in this last election; the Keystone Cops, the Three Stooges, or Sergeant Schultz?

Dictionary corrections needed

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED to its aficionados) regularly adds words to it’s massive volumes containing acceptable words for the English speaking dudes and dudettes (a word that hasn’t quite made the list yet) around the world.
However, to be really relevant, I have to point out that certain words simply do not contain the same meaning as originally applied and should, therefore, be withdrawn.
My nomination for a word that no longer signifies anything useful is: JOURNALIST.
There will remain many words that describe folks who continue to insist that they are journalists, of course; words that are much more accurate in their description of the people claiming that title.
Sycophant, backslapper, bootlicker, brownnoser, doormat, fan, fawner, flatterer, flunky, groupie, running-dog, obsequious lackey, puppet, slave … gosh, there are so many that apply; but my favorite, at this point would have to be PROPAGANDIST.

High Art, Indeed.

No one in authority had any idea that the Fast and Furious program was underway, and no one in authority has been held accountable for the deadly consequences.

Despite a recording most of us have seen of two Black Panthers intimidating voters at a polling place, the Attorney General could not find any evidence of a problem.

No one in authority knew that Benghazi, along with a number of other sources throughout the middle-east, had requested greater protection.

The official blame for the death of four Americans in Benghazi was placed on a spontaneous mob that formed following an unseen video, and the administration insists that this was the official assessment of the intelligence community, although only White House intelligence personnel are claiming to have received this assessment. No one in field intelligence has indicated anything other than they were immediately aware that these deaths were caused by a planned terrorist event.

This administration, with assistance from a lap-dog propaganda industry, who prefer to be referred to as the Main Stream Media, a name they’ve given themselves, has managed to excuse utter incompetence by elevating it to a high art.

Not a problem, Mr. President? Really?

Our President has assured us, though that pillar of intellect, David Letterman, that “we don’t have to worry about it (the national debt) short-term …”

Well, we happen to have a State Representative up here in The Real Greenland, Dennis Richardson (R), who provided the following analysis of what we don’t have to worry about, short-term.

88 cents of every dollar spent by the Federal Government goes to cover only the following four items: Medicare, Medicaid (Medical for those of you in the People’s Republic of California), Social Security, and the interest on our existing debt.

For those of you who attended public school in California, that leaves 12 cents on the dollar to cover such minor items as our Defense, infrastructure revitalization, the First Lady’s jaunts to Spain with her buddies who are feeling low at the time, and Joe Biden’s roughly $600,000 per year expenses.

And you’ve heard, whether or not you want to acknowledge it, that 40 cents on every dollar we spend is being borrowed. Again, for those poor souls who were “educated”
in California, that means that the national debt is continuing to go up.

This is what the current resident of our most expensive public housing thinks isn’t worth worrying about.

Have you asked yourself why so-called journalists haven’t enquired into this issue in depth and then pointed out to us that there is the very distinct possibility, a probability, in fact, that we are already beyond the ability to recover?




Pay attention

For the following two weeks, I declare that I am a Progressive.


I am only to be held accountable for my stated intentions, which shall be considered noble and selfless in nature (my actual intentions are none of your damned business, now that you ask.)

I demand that those who are not me or approved explicitly by me must be held accountable for absolute perfection.

By demonstrating the appropriate level of hatred for anything conservative in nature, and by demonstrating my command of that snide, know-it-all sneer, I demand to be called a comedian.

For those of you not explicitly exempted by me, my whim is your command, and all desires of mine, previously known as “wants,” are now deemed to be “rights.”

For the rest of you, go and sin no more.

Join the cause

Much has been made of alternative energy sources, with a lot of finger pointing involved. The fingers, invariably, are pointed at calendars, with a promise that, at some vague future date, all of this “investment” (about which we have no choice, of course) is going to make us (or our grandchildren) free and prosperous.

Have you noticed how “investment” always seems to involve giving money to folks who return significant sums to election campaigns?

But I digress.

I wish to address a true crisis that isn’t getting the attention it deserves, what with our attention focused, as it is, on NFL officiating.

I’m talking about the crisis of corn, good folks.

We’ve only got so many uses for which corn is the answer, and, what with a lot of corn going to gasohol and a lot more withering on the stunted stalks out there in what our Progressive neighbors prefer to call fly-over country, it’s three most beneficial uses are being short-changed.

Folks, I’m talking about the production of pork, the production of tortillas, and the distillation of whiskey.

I cannot remain on the sidelines any longer. If any power structure allows a shortage in any of those crucial commodities, we’re talking revolution.

Join me in this noble cause. Demand your bacon, chips (with salsa or chili con queso, of course) and bourbon.

Accept no substitutes!

Liberty and fraternity later

Okay, there’s a political approach that is currently popular with a vast array of folks that needs to be addressed. I mean, when you reach a dangerous level of naivete, one that produces truly disastrous results, remaining silent just isn’t acceptable.

I’m referring to the promise, always implied and oft stated, that a government, properly motivated, can produce an equality of outcome.

Come on, Man!

Jack Kennedy, showing a talent for brevity, noted that “life isn’t fair.”

Folks, it never will be, and no government or any other institution (religious, for instance) can provide this “fairness to all concerned.”

By way of consideration, I give you this comparison: Kimberly Guilfoyle and Rosie O’Donnell.

I rest my case.

True cost

Jefferson is frequently noted as the originator of the phrase: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

An array of self-proclaimed fact checkers claim there is no evidence that he ever uttered that phrase.

Whoever coined the phrase, the sentiment is correct, but inadequate on two counts.

First of all, the price of everything of value is eternal vigilance.

I hear politicians on this day proclaim that America is safer following 9/11 of 2001. They are in error. Radical Islam continues unabated; Bin Laden may be dead thanks to the efforts and risks taken by members of the military and our intelligence community, but the legion of dedicated replacements remain.

Iran continues on its course toward possession of nuclear weapons and the oft-vaunted international community sanctions have done nothing to slow that progress.

The second portion of the phrase that is needed for it to be completely useful would have to encompass the realization that vigilance is not enough. The other portion of the price of all things of value is the dedicated resources and will to destroy those who have sworn that they will take your valuables from you.